Protect your eyes

We care about your health more than you think.
The exclusive MSI Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light Technologies offer double protection for your eyes.

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Flicker easily cause your eyes burden

  • In its quest to offer the best visual experience for demanding users, MSI is leading the way, by incorporating “Anti-Flicker” technology into the new All-in-One PC's.

  • What is Flicker?

    Do not ignore the exist of flicker!

    Although it is hard to sense the flickering, When staring at the screen, you have to put up with it for a long time. Each image you see on the AIOs’ monitor is transmitted in the form of "lines." for example, LED panel use 200~300 lines per sec for eyes. They send images on the screen by flickering.

    The flickering is so fast that it’s impossible to notice with your bare eyes, which is also in the case of many eye syndromes, such as myopia.

  • What is the cause of Flicker?

    The general backlight brightness is controlled by Dimming pin. This pin is controlled through PWM signal. When PWM duty increases, the backlight brightness will be increased. Using the switch lighting continued to adjust the brightness then there is a cure time to darken period, so causing flicker.


  • What kind of health impact due to Flicker

    According to medical report, general LED monitors’ normal flickering rate is 200~300 times/sec. If the working hour is 8 hours per day which means you eyes will suffer over 5 million flicker times per day. It will easy to have computer vision syndrome (CVS), such as Eye strain, eye dryness, headache, blurred vision etc.


  • What is Anti-Flicker?

    World’s 1st Anti-Flicker
    All-in-One PC

    Incorporated in the MSI All-in-One PC, the Anti-Flicker technology stabilizes electrical currents and stops most of the flickering, protecting the eyes of the user and prevent tiring and burden that result from viewing a display for a long period of time. With Anti-Flicker technology, both the comfort and work efficiency are enhanced.

  • Normal Monitor

    From human eyes

    Although It is hard to sense the flicker when staring at the screen, you have put up with it for a long time.

    Real Situation

Anti-Flicker Technology meet with MSI All-in-One PC

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Less Blue Light

  • MSI AIO PC’s support Less Blue Light technology,
    for effectively reducing blue light emitted from your screen to safeguard your eyes.

  • What is Blue Light?

    Blue light is light with wavelengths in the 381nm to 500nm range.

    This light range is harmful for human eyes and may cause macular degeneration.

  • How does blue light cause eye problems?

    The blue light can pass through the crystalline lens and penetrate the eye, causing eye problems.

    And the excessive exposure of blue light will damage the photoreceptors of the macular, deteriorate our eyesight and result in serious vision problems, like Cataract and Macular Degeneration.

    Thus, the chronic exposure to blue light is a risk factor for our eyes.

  • Blue light causes
    health risks

    Because the wavelengths of blue light are shorter in the visible spectrum, it can go deep into our eyes and lead to eye fatigue, dryness and vision problems.

    Blue light is difficult to be absorbed by crystalline lens; this can be dangerous to the human eyes and hurt “Macula” on the retina!

    (Macular degeneration is the progressive deterioration of a critical region of the retina called the macula.)

  • How can we protect our eyes from the blue light?

    For protecting our eyes from the exposure of excessive blue light, firstly we should keep proper distance from the computer, for example, 60 cm from the computer. Secondly, take 3 minutes break after 30 minutes continuous work on computer.
    Moreover, we can consider to select a computer with less blue light and anti-flicker technology, which can help our eyes feel more relaxing and comfortable.

    MSI All-in-One PC features the exclusive "Less Blue Light" and "Anti-Flicker" technology to effectively reduce the eyestrain and helps your eyes feel more relaxed and comfortable.

MSI AIO with Less Blue Light helps your eyes feel more comfortable


  • One more useful tool to protect your eyes

    Not only Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light but ScenaMax to be your bodyguard in eyes health.

    ScenaMax is developed by MSI All-in-One PC which is customized to control the brightness of screen contrast.

    It is easy to switch the screen brightness setting between different modes.

    In short, the MSI exclusive AIO armed with ScenaMax could become the even better product.

  • Comfortable and easy to use

    MSI developed dedicated software to customize and control screen settings. It is possible to switch between different preset screen modes easily. Whether watching movies, playing games or just browsing the Internet, ScenaMax has an ideal setting ready for you.

    As the leading and innovative computer company, MSI promises to design the best product. To practice this promise, MSI concentrates on not only hardware but also software.

    The latest MSI ScenaMax is designed to control the screen with one “click”

  • Specially designed applications to easily control the screen

    MSI understands that an All-in-One PC needs to meet a variety of needs and applications. Therefore its screen must be able to easily be adapted to match the activities of the user. MSI ScenaMax software is designed to control the screen with just one click. With four different preset modes MSI readies the user for the most common situations, yet MSI also preserves the possibility to fully control all of the advanced display settings manually.

    Remarkable Features

    • 1
      Especially Designed Modes.
    • 2
      User-Friend Interface
    • 3
      Possibility of Customize Control.
    • 4
      Light Software, No Burden for System
  • Cinema Mode

    In this mode, software will detect the screen color and dynamic adjust screen gamma/contrast automatically. Let you feel like seeing a movie in the real theatre environment.

  • Eye Care Mode

    Choose Eye Care Mode to make your eyes more comfortable in surfing website or reading. In Eye Care mode, setting the brightness, sharpness and contrast ratio while reducing blue light by 20% automatically, relieving the computer eye strain associated with focused or long time use.

  • Gaming Mode

    ScenaMax increase the screen dynamic contrast for gaming scenario to providing the best gaming visual experience. To keep highest image quality and sufficient blue light reduction balanced while playing the game.

  • Setting Mode

    In this mode, users can adjust the independent factor of screen. MSI exclusive providing a new possibility to help user to creative customize visual effect.


MSI AIO anti-flicker technology have passed Germany's TüV Lab's testing, it means our products offer eye protection. Customers can feel safe and comfortable for eyes when using our products, because MSI AIO meets the anti-flicker criteria.By reason of this, you can be sure to enjoy a stable All-in-One PC for a very long time!

MSI Anti-Flicker
All-in-One PC