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Performance to Power Amazing Experience

Experience a whole new way to interact with your PC like never before. With the power to understand your motions, recognize your face and respond to your voice, 5th generation(Broadwell-H) Intel Core processors take computing to the next level.

Transform the Way You Compute

5th gen Intel Core processors pack an incredible new standard of performance that’s versatile enough for the busiest lifestyles, while powerful and secure enough for thriving enterprises. The Intel core i7 processors enable a new wave of innovation with features such as 3D scanning, gesture control, and voice commands. For the enterprise, Intel Core vPro processors are designed to meet the mobility and security needs of your business with the ability to display and dock wirelessly without cables, cords, or wires.

5th Generation Intel Core Processor Compared to previous PC

Premium Performance, Powerful Possibilities

With the 5th generation Intel Core processor, you get excellent performance so you can move effortlessly between applications. Averagely the office productivity will be up to 2.5x better.

Visuals That Bring Your Screen to Life

Take your gaming to the next level. With integrated intel HD Graphics combined with amazing processing performance, you can play your favorite games on an HD screen giving you smooth visuals. The performance would be around 12x better in certain 3D gaming titles.

While testing most of the 3D gaming titles, the 5th generation CPU shows outstanding power. Comparing to i7 4720HQ, the enhancement is up to 21%.

Compare to previous generation processor like i7 4720HQ, the 5th generation CPU perform greater mathematics calculation up to 10.2%.

The 5th generation CPU are designed to meet the precision needs of CAD/CAM and the requirement among users. The incremental between i7 4720HQ and i7 5950HQ is up to 19%.

The 5th generation CPU bring innovation and more editing/encoding power, The incremental between i7 4720HQ and i7 5950HQ is up to 20%.

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GS Series

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