More realistic visuals

Faster and more efficient than ever before, DirectX 12 brings games to new heights with richer environments, more objects and fully harnessing the power of your graphics hardware to deliver an experience unlike anything you’ve seen.

Cross platform gaming

Console and PC come together to broaden the scope of multiplayer gaming so you can enjoy games together with more players and your friends on PC or console.

Stream between PC and console

Whether you’re in the living room or in your room, stream your games across your console to your PC so you can play anywhere at any moment.

Record, edit and share

Capture your best moments and share it with the community with GameDVR, a powerful new tool that empowers you to edit your recorded games and unleash it upon the world.

A classic re-imagined

Back and better than ever, Windows 10 delivers an experience that is familiar yet fresh with a host of new features and amazing performance.