3DMark is an all new version of the world’s most popular benchmark for measuring the 3D graphics performance of gaming PCs, notebooks and handheld devices.

3DMark features two separate rendering engines and dedicated tests for the each of the major DirectX Feature Levels of DirectX 11.

“MSI is proud to, once again, cooperate with Futuremark on delivering a new and defining graphical benchmark with 3DMark.The new "Fire Strike" benchmark shows exactly how far today's gaming PC real-time graphics have improved to a point where it not only rivals, but also surpasses the quality of pre-rendered movies and has far more complexity than today’s leading DirectX 11 games. The cooperation on the "Fire Strike" benchmark for high performance Windows gaming PC's is a continuation of our efforts in delivering the best Windows gaming performance with our current 3DMark 11 record holding combination of the
Z77 MPOWER motherboard and R7970 Lightning graphics card.” - Charles Jiang , MSI Corp. Executive Vice President & DPS General Manager

Fire Strike

DirectX 11 technologies in 3DMark

Depth of field

Distortion particles

Dynamic particle lighting

Particles cast and receive shadows

Post processing effects

Smoke simulation using grid-based fluid dynamics


Volume ray casting with shadows