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Follow the instructions for updating your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1

Installation Instructions

Windows 8.1 clean install.Clean Install Instructions

For commercial Windows 8 systems only

Check to see if your system can be updated to Windows 8.1FAQ



Series Marketing Name Is it upgradeable to Windows 8.1? No additional driver and AP for upgrade use, if any question, please click here.
G series GT70 2OD  
GT70 2OC
GT70 Dragon edition 2  
GT70 Dragon edition 2 Extreme  
GT60 2OD  
GT60 2OC  
GT60 2OD 3K  
GT60 2OC 3K  
GE70 2OE  
GE70 2OC  
GE70 2OD  
GE60 2OE  
GE60 2OC  
GE60 2OD  
GE40 2OC Dragon Eyes  
GE40 2OL  
GS70 Stealth  
GX70 3BE  
GX60 3BE  
GT60 0ND *
GT60 0NE *
GT60 0NC *
GE60 0ND *
GE60 0NC *
GE70 0ND *
GE70 0NC *
GT70 0NE *
GT70 0NC *
GT70 0ND *
GT70 0ND Dragon edition *
GX60 1AC *
Workstation GT70-2OK Workstation  
GT60 2OJ Workstation  
GT60 2OK Workstation  
C series CX70 2OC  
CX70 2OD  
CX61 2OC  
CX61 2OD  
CR61 3M  
CR61 2M  
CR430 *
CR41 *
CX41 *
CX61 0ND *
CX61 0NE *
CX61 0OC *
CR61 0M *
CX61 0NF *
CR650 *
CR70 0M *
CX70 0NF *
S series S12T 3M  
S20 Slider 2  
S20 0M *
S30 0M *
W series W20 3M  
  U270DX *
  X370 *
  GE620 DX    


All-in-One & Desktop PC

Series Marketing Name Is it upgradeable to Windows 8.1?
G series AG2712
Adora Adora24 0M
Adora24G 0NC
Entertainment AE2081
Professional AP2021
Box DC110

The tested systems can be upgraded from Microsoft Windows 8 operation system to Microsoft Windows 8.1 operation system. If our test result states that the Product is upgradeable to Windows 8.1 Software, it merely means that you may install Windows 8.1 Software on the Product. Nothing contained herein should be deemed as our warranty towards the compatibility of Windows 8.1 Software with the drivers, applications, programs, and/or other functions of our Products. We hereby declare that installing Windows 8.1 Software on the Product may cause instability of the Product system, partial or total loss of data, drivers and/ or applications. The test result is not intended for you to determine whether to purchase our Product and/or Windows 8.1 Software. However, if you, at your own discretion, decide to install Windows 8.1 on the Product eventually, we highly recommend backing up all your data before installing Windows 8.1 Software. For details on the limitation of Microsoft Windows 8.1 upgrades, please visit Microsoft's official website: http://windowsupgradeoffer.com. You acknowledge and agree that MSI will be responsible for neither the agreement between you and Microsoft nor any content provided by Microsoft.

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